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Join the Society

There are many advantages to joining the IOMFHS if you have a Manx family to research. Administrative areas, laws and dates of records vary from those in mainland Britain so help is often needed.

We have our own small library in Peel where there is someone to help during all opening hours. We publish a quarterly journal in which interests and Can You Help? pages bring responses from others who have the knowledge you are seeking. There are also articles which will help you understand the families, culture and customs of the island.

Monthly meetings introduce a range of speakers, outings and an Annual Exhibition where you can meet others interested in genealogy. Members can write to us, ring or email with queries. We are only a small group of volunteers on the island but we will look up entries at our library or go to the Manx Museum or Registry if you can allow the time for us to organise it. However we cannot research a whole family. Our new website is being developed to help those of you who cannot visit us easily.

The membership fee is £10 for a British single but varies for other countries, as shown on the application form, and runs from January 1st to 31st December each year. I'm afraid we are not able to accept payment by credit card.

To join, just complete a membership form.