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The Manx Lawson's and Related Families

Research papers from the late Brian Lawson

Researching your family tree is a project that is never finished. There will always be one more person, one more branch of the family to discover. The notes in this section are from over 20 years' of research by the late Brian Lawson. Many of the names mentioned crossed into his main lines of research over the years.

An index to the volumes is below. Not all the surnames are listed in the index, but a full listing of surnames is available.

Each person included in the research was assigned an identification number and all individuals with a number are included in this large download.

Section 1 - Overview
Section 2 - Lawson
Section 3 - Kinrade
Section 4 - Corkish
Section 5



Chapter Volume I
Volume II
Volume III
Volume IV
Volume V
1 Lawson Direct Line Direct Line Direct Line Cannell
2 Kinrade South Lezayre South Creetch - South
3 Baker Canada Jurby North Creetch - North
4 Corkish Lonan Maughold Bride Joughin
5 McIndoe Douglas Douglas Ramsey Kermeen
6 Sanders England German Douglas Lewney
7 Clague Australia Spouses West Magee
8 Carney U.S.A. Illegitamacies U.S.A Miller
9 Ennett Spouses New Zealand Australia Scarffe
10 Gelling Arnold Anderson Spouses Skillicorn
11 Kelly Caine Brew Castle
12 Killey Corjeage Caley Cleator
13 Moore Corrin Callow Costain
14 Radcliffe Faragher Cannon Creer
15 Watterson Kewley Corteen Dailey
16 Unattached Lewin Cowley Gawne
17 Sayle Cross Howland
18 Crowe Kneen
19 Hampton Mylchreest
20 Hogg Quarry
21 Killip Quayle
22 Kissack Quirk
23 Quine Shimmin
24 Woods Taggart
25 Notes Wade
26 Watt


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