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Index to Marriages

Note: These files were part of an on-going project that has been terminated. The files are therefore incomplete.

A - Z of Marriages

Cadden to Cawle
Chadwick to Church
Clacker to Cluiton
Coates to Cox
Crabb to Crye
Cubbon to Cuthbertson
Kaigh to Kayll
Kealing to Keyter
Kichley to Kitto
Kneale to Knox

About the index

In 1849 it became legal to perform marriages in a place other than the Established Church (Church of England). At this time the Island was divided into four registration districts with Registry Offices at which Civil Marriages could be performed: Castletown, Douglas, Peel and Ramsey. The Registry Office in each district kept a record of all marriages in the district. While a separate book was maintained for each Established Church from the beginning, all Non-conforming marriages were initially recorded in a single, separate volume with the reference A1. As the books became full, a second would be started, referenced A2, etc. In 1885 separate books were established for each non-conforming Church or Chapel. Registry Office marriages continued to be recorded in the A1 or A2 volumes.

In many cases (maybe the majority) only the groom's name has been indexed in the official index.

Possible Spouses

Each page of a Register Book can record the details of two marriages. The index gives only the volume name and page number so it is not always possible to completely identify a marriage and in this case all possible partners are shown.

The work of Tom Corteen and Sue Pedersen has enabled the marriages in Maughold to be completely identified.

Church/Office Codes

The Church or Office at which the marriage was performed is indicated in the index by a code according to the table below.

NOTE: Capitalized codes are as they appear in the Official Index. Lower case codes are used only in this index to identify C of E churches.

Castletown District, Church of England (1884-1911)
arb - Arbory
rus - Rushen
cas - Castletown
san - Santan
mal - Malew
Castletown District, Non-Conforming
A133 - All to 1885 then RO
A1 - Registry Office
PM - Primitive, Castletown
PMPE - Primitive, Port Erin
WM - Wesleyan, Castletwon
WMB - Wesleyan, Ballasalla
WBBA - Wesleyan, Arbory
WMPSM - Wesleyan, Port St. Mary
WMS - Wesleyan Santan
WPSM - Wesleyan Port St. Mary

Douglas District, Church of England (1884-1911)
bra - Braddan
dsb - St Barnabas
dsg - St George
dsm - St Matthew
dst - St Thomas
lon - Lonan
lkc - Laxey
mar - Marown
onc - Onchan
Douglas District, Non-Conforming
A1 - All to 1865
A2 - All 1865-85 then RO
RO - Registry Office
RC - Roman Catholic
RCx - Roman Catholic pre 1849
LWS - Loving Waters
PRES - St Andrew, Presbyterian
U - Circular Rd Unitarian
BAP - Broadway Baptist
CUMB - Congregational, Union Mills
FH - Congregational, Finch Hill
CM,CWMM - Crosby, Wesleyan
RM - Rosemount, Wesleyan
TS - Thomas St, Wesleyan
BR - Bucks Road Methodist
LP - Loch Parade Methodist
ML,PML - Laxey Primitive Methodist
WS - Wellington St. Prim. Methodist
MNC - Derby Rd. Methodist

Peel District, Church of England (1884-1911)
bal - Ballaugh
cyv - Cronk-y-Voddy
fox - Foxdale
ger - German
mic - Michael
pat - Patrick
Peel District, Non-Conforming
A1 - All to 1885
A1 - Registry Office
PM - Primitive Methodist Peel
PMM - Primitive Methodist Michael
ASM - Athol St Methodist
CSM - Christian St Methodist
KMM - KK Michael Methodist
WM - Wesleyan Peel
WMB - Wesleyan Ballaugh

Ramsey District, Church of England (1884-1923)
and - Andreas
bri - Bride
dhn - Dhoon
jur - Jurby
lez - Lezayre
mau - Maughold
sja - St Jude, Andreas
sor - St Olave, Ramsey
spr - St Paul, Ramsey
Ramsey District, Non-Conforming
A1 - All to 1885 then RO
PRES - Presbyterian
RC - Roman Catholic
PM - Methodist
PMM - Methodist - Michael
UM - United Methodist
WM - Weslyan
WMA - Weslyan - Andreas
WMS - Weslyan - Sulby